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​​Our Vision

Inspiring a community of skilled, multi-talented students who are able to adapt and succeed in our ever-changing world through their artistic passions. 

Rize All Rize & Dance Afterschool Arts Program

Our Mission

Rize All’s purpose is to promote a more skilled, knowledgeable community of individuals through the teachings of arts and culture involving interactive programs that offer the following: 

  • Training: mastering mental and physical disciplines with engaging and entertaining activities in performing art forms and other skills sets

  • Teamwork: developing skills and values that encourage success through collaboration with others utilizing and growing their creativity

  • Appreciation: inspiring a community for the arts and philanthropy through movement and culture

  • Understanding: cultivating a positive environment that allows students to individually master techniques in language and movement

  • Opportunity: providing means for leadership and performance to showcase all the skills they have gained

​​Our Story

Rize All Non Profit Organization was formed in 2014, founded by Dane San Pedro and Amanda Newsum. They realized the positive effect that dance had on their lives and decided to offer programs that share the physical and self-development benefits of dance enrichment.  They formulated curriculum based lesson plans and goal oriented enrichment and created our primary program, the Rize & Dance Afterschool Program. Through our after school instruction, family events, and workshops, we have served more than 1000 students and families throughout the Sacramento and Elk Grove Area.​​

​​Our Goal

Our goal is to enrich students with experiences that will positively affect their current and future lives while additionally offering much needed afterschool support and enhancing the community.  Afterschool programs have shown an improvement in attendance, behavior, and coursework as it helps students grow even beyond program. Our curriculums develop students’ character abilities of team work, social skills, leadership, and confidence through training in coordination, balance, physical fitness, dance ability and in games that incorporate and test the skills taught in class. 

​​Our Future

As youth are the future of our community, our program aims to improve students’ personal character development by continuing to provide them high quality dance instruction along with opportunities to showcase their skills to the community and further inspire others to thrive through art. Dance instruction allows children to develop skill and appreciation in performing arts, develop values that encourage success through collaboration, cultivates a positive environment, and provides safe, enjoyable afterschool activity.

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