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Amanda NewSan
Dance Instructor)

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Dance has been a strong passion and influence in Amanda's (Mrs Amanda) life since the age of four and she has been creating pathways to spread the joy of dance to every one of all ages. Over the last 20 years she has been trained in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Pointe, Musical Theater, and more. For about the last eight years, she has been sharing these skills, techniques, and passions with many others from 1 to 90 years of age. Her main dance knowledge and start of her passion came from 5678 Dance Studio in Modesto. She also danced with UC Santa Cruz Dance, and other dance and theatrical productions all around. Amanda has trained, been recognized, and received scholarships at dance conventions and competitions, such as Tremaine, Nuvo, Co Dance, Pulse, and more where she furthered her dance knowledge and passion from various instructors, professional choreographers, and peers. She graduated from UC Santa Cruz where she received her B.A. in Business Management Economics. There she found a way to combine a passion of dance and performing into her studies and was even given the opportunity to direct the major dance production, Random With A Purpose XXII. With the founding of Rize All and the Rize & Dance program, she hopes to continue inspiring others of all ages in building their skills, selves, and passions that will follow them in every aspect throughout their life.

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