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Angie Xiong

(Front Desk)

Hi, my name is Angie Xiong.  One thing you might not know about me, I also love dance.  I've never performed on a professional platform, but I enjoy the movement of dance, and the feeling of music.  When I was younger, my siblings, cousins, and I performed traditional Hmong dances all over the town for events, and talent shows.  I performed in Hmong dances from the age of 5, until my early adult years.  I love performing in Hmong dances because it keeps me close to my roots.  The movement can be very different from American dance, but for the most part, it's the same concept.  You tell a story through dance, which I find beautiful.  


Other things I enjoy are volleyball, softball, and running.  Throughout my whole life, I've played on team sports.  Being involved in sports, and extra curricular activities has taught me a lot about life.  I've been able to carry the qualities of being on a team to my adult years.  Working together to accomplish the same goal is a feeling I can't explain.  I cherish every big win or loss, they're some of the best memories I have til now.

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