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​​Benefits of Dance

Here are the Top 3 reasons

​​1. Body Mechanics

Dance gives students the skills they need to learn about how their body moves. Dancing is a low-impact aerobic activity to help increase strength, flexibility, and balance. Students can use these skills in all outlets including dance, sports, gymnastics, martial arts, and other forms. Olympic athletes use dance as part of their training to sharpen their control, speed, and agility. 


​​2. Confidence Building and Self-Expression

Dance allows students to have their own expression of movement and create an emotional outlet for them. Dancing opens a new, creative outlook on life allowing students a higher level of confidence. They will also perform in front of others gaining confidence in their movement and themselves even further. Dancing will strengthen your ability to use these skills in other aspects of life, as well.  


​​3. Stress Reducing Fun!

Dance Class is fun! In our fast paced world, sometimes we forget to take a moment for ourselves and build ourselves and relationships. Students will work together to build a community in class and at events. Dance is a low-pressure environment to make friendships and have more experiences. We will have monthly and weekly events allowing the community to come together or for your student to build their own skills. 

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