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Rize All Arts Center Elk Grove
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Classes start February 27!

Studio Opening February 18!

Rize All Arts Center

Business Plan


- Profiting effective classes with curriculum that meets state standards

- Technological advancements above competitors and beyond market

- Extremely positive feedback from current customers requesting more

- Large untapped market available for more traction and more profits

- Talented team active in market trends and community

​​The Business

Rize All offers curriculum based, afterschool dance instruction. We are opening a dance studio directly aimed at the market we already serve to expand our offerings and revenue. We provide arts programs that are not available in our market in Elk Grove and Sacramento. We take an active role in the community with constant survey and research to cater to the needs in this arts education market. Unlike other dance studios we utilize technology alongside our curriuclum, which allows more efficient learning and interactivity, such as slow motion playback and skilll building. We are strongest in our Curriculum and consistency of classes allowing for the optimal levels of satisfaction and growth in our students. 

​​The Market

There are over 160,000 residents in Elk Grove and within a 1 mile radius of our location the average income is $103,294. We have served over 1000 students mostly from this area and they want a studio from us specifically. There are two other dance studios, although they are farther and with a different focus. Our market encompasses a wider range in styles and in capacity just with the amount of students we already have in our network. There is a 2.5% growth trend annually in the dance market as shown from IBIS World. Another huge trend and one of more main selling points is an increase in use of technology, shown through TuTuTix. We are the only Nonprofit Dance Studio in the market, we have an advantage for more opportunities for students. 

​​Our Progress

We currently work in the afterschool area providing classes and our studio classes will have more focus for the client. Our website is actively utilized and showcases a lot of our students work. Our number one feedback is to extend our program and offer more services. We have already served over 1000 students and have their contacts and support. We already have the Assemblymember of our district ready to perform a ribbon cutting ceremony for our opening and have multiple radio and TV channels available, as well. Our lead Directors, CEO and Secretary have been on various news channels promoting Rize All. We have revenues from our first two years in business from various funds. We also have many local organizations and individuals support and donations.

​​Our Future

Our company is headed for a great expansion in the market and in itself. We have 2 full time employees, 8 part-time employees, and 3 student interns. We will convert 3 part-time to become full time and hire on about 15 more part-time employees as well as utilize more student internships. We will hire more specific jobs, such as marketing, media, and others. Our studio will need to grow into a larger space in about three years to accommodate more classes for the amount of students we know we will have. We will grow into a larger community center offering more activities. There are few activities available for families in the area and it is a growing market for parents to get their children into activities to diversify their learning.

​​The Deal

Looking for $500 to $15,000 startup or ongoing support

Although We are open to many options, our main terms we hope for are donations, loans, and Business Investment. We believe our studio to be very profitable right from the beginning within our first session. With 50 students we already exceed our minimal expenses and with 100 students we thrive. Most studios typically have 200 to 400 students, which makes for a large profit for our company exceeding expenses greatly. We will use this initial funding or ongoing funding to build the space to have the right environment for our clients. We will also use it for marketing materials and getting ready for our first week to begin registration!


Executive Summary      Financials        Marketing Plan    Business Plan

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