What is a dance competition?

A Competition is a part of the Convention where dancers can perform dance pieces they have been rehearsing with their Studio to showcase to the professional choreographers who are judging. They then score and critique each piece for placement and other opportunities. Dancers are also judged on good sportsmanship and will learn how to compete with a good attitude! This is a great environment for gaining more skills through teamwork, performance and is an amazing source of technique building in dance. 

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What are my dancer’s options?

Company Age Groups (these are averages, each competition may have different age groups, ages as of January 2021):

    Petit: ages 5-7 years

    Mini: ages 8-10 years

    Junior: ages 11-12 years

    Teen: ages 13-15 years

    Senior: 16-18 years

    Pros: 18+ years

Company Styles will be the styles we teach at the studio, dancers will be required to take the technique class and company class, as well as possibly other technique classes complementing the style. 



    Jazz/Musical Theater



Actual groups and solos will be announced no later than two days after auditions. Here are the options:

    Solo (1 dancer)

    Duo/Trio (2-3 dancers)

    Group (4-9 dancers)

    Line (10-15 dancers)

    Ext. Line (16-14 dancers)

    Production (25+ dancers)