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General Performance Info

When: There is a December show and a May show! Find out more about them by clicking the links above. 

How to Perform: You must complete the performance ready form here or at the parent info meetings at the front desk and

turn it into the front desk by Oct 1 for the Dec show and by Feb 14 for the May show

Where: Cosumnes Oaks High School Performing Arts Center

Parent Info Meeting: For Dec show: Week of Sept 23-27 7pm

For May show: Week of Jan 27-31 7pm

Tickets: Tickets will go on sale about 8 weeks before show dates

December show tickets will go on sale Oct 19 11am

May Show tickets will go on sale March 21 11am

Tickets will be assigned seating and from $12-$18 depending on seat

Any available tickets will be sold at the door (possibly cash only)

**Look here for where your dancer stands onstage to get seats in front of them! 

Parent Chaperone Volunteer: We need lots of help backstage to get the dancers ready to perform onstage. We will require all volunteers to attend at least one meeting to be ready to help. 

Dec show: Week of Oct 21-25 7pm

For May show: Week of Mar 23-27 7pm

Learn more here.

Dress Rehearsal: We will have a run through week before the show! This is posted on the page for the show.  Dec 2018May 2019

Costumes: Costumes are required to perform and more info can be found here for each show!

Music/Video to Practice: Music and videos are available here to practice about 12 weeks before the show and updated every few weeks!

Pictures/Video: For the December show, pictures in class and at the show will be taken and available on the website after the show date. For the May show, professional pictures will be taken and available for purchase. 

Professional video will also be taken of the performances and available for purchase

here or at the front desk.

Program: You can congratulate your dancer or advertise your business in our program! Due 2 weeks before the show date

Click here for more info!

Performance Memorabilia/Gifts/Snacks: There will be flowers and fun snacks at the show! There will be options to pre purchase so it is available for pick up at the show!  

Performance Day: Students need to arrive and be backstage 15 to 30 mins before show time start in their first costume with hair and make up done and with everything they need to perform  in their costume bag.

Doors will also open at this time to sell and allow those to find their assigned seats. The show will be about two hours long. No one will be allowed backstage except for volunteers helping with the show. Students will be checked in and checked out and if they need to leave early, we must be told ahead of time to have the student ready. All students will receive a wristband with the color based on age/room. You will pick up your students at the same spot they were dropped off. Only approved parents will be allowed to pick up the students to ensure safety. 

Accessibility: We always do our best to make all aspects of Rize All accessible to everyone. If possible, please let a Director know before the show date if there are any accommodations that need to be made, that way we can make the best arrangements possible.

Recital Dance Order
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