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Rize All Performance Costumes

Dec Show

Purchase by: Show day

Finale/Recital Recording package - added to account on Nov 1 and receive day of show (let us know your dancers shirt size here)

Costumes are the dancers class uniform. Check out the guide above for your dancers class color.

May Show

Purchase by: February 24

Receive by: April or May

Costume Packages will include dancers costume + finale shirt + recording of the show!

Costumes are dance costumes different for each class announced by Jan 9 (costumes may change depending on availability when ordering). Dancers also need tights, shoes, and other items needed to perform. 

Backstage dancers are ONLY allowed to bring the bag we give the costumes in. This will allow backstage to keep track of everyones things and be able to put on them on quickly and efficiently. 

All dancers must arrive in their first costume with hair and make up all done by their specific arrival time to be checked in and ready to go (please look here for the show order).  Look on the costume tag or above for all info about the costume.

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