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Class Placement/Levels

This class placement below is a general guideline and is based on skill level and understanding. This can be assessed by an Instructor for proper class placement. We will find a class to accommodate all experience levels allowing everyone to grow at their own pace! Classes for specific dance styles start at age 2.5 years old and have no age limit for most dance styles and there will soon be a parent participation class for those 1 - 2.5 years old! 

Pre Level (Pink/White): For ages 2.5 to 4.5 years old learning mechanics of movement on their body and the terminology. 

Level 1 (Purple/Lavender): For ages 5+ who are in their first year of dance learning about basic movements with how their body moves and the terminology.

Level 2 (Blue): For ages 5+ who have been dancing for about 1 to 2 years now learning the correct body placement in basics, simple combos, and being able to recall terminology.

Level 3 (Teal/Green): For ages 8+ who have been dancing for about 2 years now moving based basics into more complex movements and combos, as well as mastering terminology.

Level 4 (Burgundy): For ages 13+ who have been dancing for about 2 years or more that are now mastering basics, working through complex combos, and at an apprentice level of understanding dance and the terminology.

Level 5 (Black): For ages 16+ who have been dancing for about 3 or more years that are masters of basics and complex combos and have an Instructor level of understanding their body movement, terminology, and helping others understand, as well.  


Ballet is a classic Italian Renaissance style that will help a dancer grow their foundation dance training and technique​. Ballet may be performed to classical music or a more lyrical current music.

Pointe is for more advanced dancers expanding their ballet technique onto classical Pointe work. Dancers should take Pre Pointe before advancing to Pointe. 



In this class you will learn Popping, Locking, Breaking, and Industry Hip-Hop styles. All high energy, upbeat styles including various movements, dynamics, and ground work performed to current and old school music. 



Contemporary and Lyrical use classical ballet technique along with elements of jazz and modern to express emotions through free flowing movement to more current music. 


​​Contemporary/Lyrical/Urban Contemporary Fusion

Jazz is a fun and energetic dance style that balances grace and fluid movement with dynamics footwork, big leaps, and quick turns. 


​​Jazz/Musical Theater/Jazz Funk

Tap is a class street style utilizing foot movements that strike the floor as a form of percussion. Tap shoes enhance the sounds as we make rhythms to the music! 



Explore traditional Hawaiian island dancing using different foot and hand positioning with more modern elements and music. 



Taking from traditional ballroom styles, Waltz, Foxtrot, Salsa and more, to learn a variety of basics and combos to spice up your dance life. 

Latin Grooves will focus specifically on the individual in Salsa, Bachata, and more Latin styles!


​​Ballroom/Latin Grooves

Martial Arts will include a variety of styles to learn how to defend yourself, along with being able to control a defensive situation all while having fun. 

Learn the ways of the Jedi utilizing actual Star Wars techniques and other fencing ideals with Lightsaber technique class. 


​​Martial Arts/Lightsaber

In magic class you'll learn to dazzle onlookers with skillful sleight of hand. You'll even work on your public speaking, hand eye coordination, and self confidence while having tons of fun! Once you're ready we'll even have plenty of opportunities 

for you to perform for your friends and family if you desire!


​​Me and My Mini

This class is designed for budding dancers under 2.5 years old with an accompanying grown up to move and groove to fun music, sounds and lots of different sensory activities!

Mother and Baby
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