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Dane NewSan
(Co-Founder/ Director/ Dance Instructor)

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When I was younger, I was allowed the opportunity to perform on large stages while singing and dancing under bright lights with theatre groups and dance companies. It was then that I discovered a passion for dancing, performing, and most importantly, entertaining audiences. My dance background consists of training in various styles such as Hip-Hop, B-boying, Locking, Jazz, Lyrical, Capoeira, and more. I’ve honed these skills with some of Sacramento’s best dance groups/companies including Abstract Styles, Infinite Motion, and Boogie Monstarz.  Recently, I joined some fellow performers to compete in Season 7 of NBC’s America’s Got Talent where we successfully qualified through five nationally televised episodes, making it to the final round. I have pursued my passion for sharing dance with others through performing and teaching. I also directed and instructed a dance company in San Francisco while receiving my B.A. in Psychology at SFSU. I applied the study of psychology to dance and gained a newfound understanding of movement and learning. When I returned to Sacramento I realized that teaching others makes a huge impact on one’s life, especially children, and everyone around them. Through the founding of Rize All and the Rize & Dance program, I hope to continue sharing dance, educating others, and inspiring youth.

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