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Open Floor Fridays has a mix of events, such as professional workshops, open floor time, Nerf Battles, Dance Battles, and more, announced every month! Check back or sign up for updates 

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High School Choreo Showcase will be our first ever show for dancers age 12-19 choreographed and danced by them! 

We have made a change to this program for this first year that we are super excited about! It will allow any interested dancers a chance to try all the dances and challenge themselves in new styles and quick learning to performing.


Student HS Choreographers will do Friday super Master classes. Choreographers will post a casting call letting dancers know what to wear, what style they will be doing, and any other info they need. Dancers will have 90 minutes to learn the dance, be placed in groups, and perform. Then we will record it with lights and different angles and such as a true performance to be shared!


Some reasons this will be great for everyone:

- you get to work with more styles and choreographers overall and can invite friends and such to join Friday class

- does not limit anyone to any number of dances. you can attend all and be in all dances

- gives everyone a challenge of learning and working quickly to master the choreo and perform

- less price for everyone to get a feel for this newer program

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$5 drop in        OR

$20 OFFicial season pass

$10 drop in for non Rize All student

summer shirt.png

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