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Step 1: Sign up for class by the cutoff date (Nov 1 for Dec and Feb 1 for May)

Step 2: Fill out this form  by Feb 24.

Step 3: Purchase costumes for the classes the dancer will perform in by show day for Dec and by Feb 24 for May. No exceptions. 

Step 4: Come to class to learn the dance

Step 5: Look out for ticket sales beginning 4-6 weeks before recital date (Nov 5 for Dec and April 15 for May)

Step 6: The week before recital (Nov 28 - Dec 2 for Dec and May 15 - May 19 for May) are Dress Rehearsal / Picture Week. Dancers must come in costume to the schedule listed here. We will NOT have regularly scheduled classes this week, only performance prep. 


You're done! Ready to perform!!

Rize All How to Perform 

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