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Star Wars Day, May the Fourth, "strikes back" along with the celebration of Big Day of Giving! We're celebrating by offering a lightsaber training class based off actual martial arts and swordfighting techniques just like in the movies!


We will have two class times to learn new skills while wielding a lightsaber on Saturday May 4th:

3-3:30pm for Padwans (ages 4-11) 

3:30-3:45pm Lightsaber Demonstration/Duel all ages invited

3:45-4:15pm for Knights (ages 11+)

You must register in person or online below to secure a spot in class.

Each class is $8 if you register before May 3 11:59pm PST and $10 at the door IF there is space!

Space is limited for each class, so register now!


"You're our only hope" to make this event a success!

With your help, our Goal for Big Day of Giving is to raise $5,000 for afterschool program enrichment as well as scholarships to keep students off the streets and in the arts! Your attendance to this event makes all the difference and will help be a "force" for change in the community!


We will accept donations all day through our website and at our location. 

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