Dane Headshot.JPG

Dane Newsan

(Co-Founder/Director/Dance Instructor)

Amanda Newsan

(Co-Founder/Director/Dance Instructor)

Amanda Headshot.JPG
Daisy Headshot.JPG

Daisy Magsuci

(Front Desk Manager)

Maranda Headshot.JPG

Maranda Wirth

(Dance Instructor)

Monica Rodriguez

(Dance Instructor)

Mona Headshot.JPG

Mona Fan

(Dance Instructor)

Trinity Headshot.JPG

Trinity Wirth

(Dance Instructor)

Irene Headshot.JPG

Irene Rosales

(Dance Instructor)

Angelina Bayani

(Dance Instructor, Front Desk)

Aundrea Burkhead

(Front Desk)

Easton Moore

(Apprentice Instructor)

Aasha Walia

(Apprentice Instructor)

Makaila Tacmo

(Assistant Instructor)

Lexy Prasad

(Assistant Instructor)

Maya Castrejon

(Apprentice Instructor)

Lauren Rubi

(Apprentice Instructor)

Misha Gerami

(Apprentice Instructor)

Past Faculty to Thank:

Instructors: Mai Tong Xiong, Judy Yang, Cindy Richards, Shania Kelly, Emmalee Belleci, Allie Braithwaite, Jessica Aliganga, Jordan Riturban, Adolfo Mendez, Gemma Coloma, David Phasavath, Joshua Johnson

Assistants: Ashley Her, Mary Mamitag, Mang Cha, Angel Her, Alan Xiong, Roman Coquioco, Faiza Safdar

Apprentice: Hailee Giang, Jelena Lapuz, Manh Tu Sy, Kaitlyn Vang, Samuel Basilio, Sabrina Lopez, Tori Roye, Alyssa Helson, Emma Stevenson

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