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Glenn and Chrissy Wedding Dance!

Music: "Friend Like Me" by Ne-Yo

Click here for the lyrics!

Movement Video:

Movement Notes:

Walk in

Turn Glenn Under Arm

Turn Chrissy Under Arm

Chrissy turn across Glenn

Hit Pose with hand on chest

Slide hand down snap

Chrissy turn

Slow walk, 3 quick walks

Glenn Wave Chrissy follows to go under Glenn's arm

Box step and kick left leg out

Step claps 4 times

Step clap in box step

Pump fits and slide

Arms up questioning, shrug

Look at each other

Run and hold each other

Slide out and walk to each other

Basic one time, sugars

Spin around, ball change 

Hop Hop

Basic, Chrissy Under Arm turn

Sweetheart position, whisper

Look, run away

Walk to each other, Chrissy Flick

Glenn Pose, Chrissy Pose

Under Arm Turn Glenn

Pose, Arm Gestures on "Dish"

Jump in together

Chrissy lift around

Both jump tour around

Clap walk together

Basic, Basic rotate

Basic, Under Arm turn Chrissy

Slide, run past each other

Glenn Charleston

Chrissy Charleston

Both Charleston coming together

Jump out, point at each other

Hop a part, Pas de Bourree

Glenn moves

Kick Ball Change, Chrissy sways 

Kick Ball Slide, Elvis walk

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