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Mona Fan
(Lead Dance Instructor)

As a child, Mona (Ms Mona) was shy until she was introduced to dance during fourth grade, where she tried a variety of dance styles. It was at elementary school where she got a glimpse of Hip Hop. Entering high school she found a passion in dance of any sort of genre, from Hip Hop to Contemporary. It's a delightful way to express herself and meet new people. She started her high school career through dance and joining Project Move at JFK in Sacramento. Around sophomore year, she became Co-Captain of the team and was blessed to dance with the crew. Along with joining ProMo, she was a part of the Rize All Program and is so grateful for this organization and the positive vibe. She always strives to continue working and learn little things that can better her own style through teaching. As she learns and teaches, she hopes to  be an influence to the younger generation of dancers.

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