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Join us at the NEW studio this August!

What’s New at Rize All’s New Studio??


New Location: We have moved 1 mile away to our new 2232 Longport Ct Ste 120 facility!


New Classes and Times: We now have 4 studios to add more class types, such as latin ballroom and acro, as well as new class times for your favorites, such as HipHop and Ballet! Look at the schedule to see the new times and enroll now!


New Payment Plan Options: The class schedule will now remain year round from August to May so there is no re-enrollment in January! 

With that you can either choose option 1: pay the whole session (Aug 5 to May 15) or half session (Aug 5 to Dec 13 or Jan 6 to May 15) to receive 5% off all tuition. 

You can choose option 2: pay monthly every 1st of the month with your 1st and last month’s tuition due by the first day of class! 


New Performances: We now have a Show A and a Show B depending on the day you take class. Dancers will be participating in either Show A or Show B, not both. There are some dance styles that are only offered one time a week, these have the opportunity to perform in Both Shows, but can also choose either Show A or Show B to participate in. You can find out which Show your dancer will perform in by looking at the class in your online portal. December show info and times will be announced August 26 and May show info and times will be announced October 25. 


New Class Uniforms and Testing Opportunities: On the first day of class, dancers will receive a booklet of what they will be learning this year for the Level they are at. They will all have the opportunity to test their skills at the end of each session in December and May for no extra cost to see how well they obtained the dance knowledge and move up to the next Level! With each level there will be a color leotard, skirt, shirt, or other accessory to showcase their knowledge! 

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