Please remember no photos and videos are allowed during the show and devices may be taken to the lobby until the performance is over. To alleviate the stress of capturing the moment, we have these two options for all families. 

1.Pictures will be taken during Dress Rehearsal and available for free for all families to see about 2 weeks after the show.


2. Video will also be taken during Dress Rehearsal and available for purchase online here.

Recital Photo/Video

Recital Ready Package

Get a copy of the Show and a fun gift for your dancer ready at the venue to pick up!

Rize All Picture Day 

Below is the picture day schedule for your dancer!


Pictures will be available to view here starting May 25 and available for purchase here.


If you pre purchase your photos they will be sent to you starting May 25. You can begin pre purchasing photos beginning Dec 16 online here

Triple Threat - Picture Day Schedule

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