Program Ad/Personal Message Space!

What am I buying?

As a Business you are buying an ad space to let families and the community know about you.

As a family/friend you are buying space for a personal message and memento for dancers in the show.

What is included?

You can get a regular space in the program we hand out with all other performance fun

or you can add on

a digital space that plays right before each music video performance given to families!


Why should I buy?

Businesses get more exposure for their business to our community.

For dancers receiving personal messages, the program becomes a great memento of this show that can even be signed by their friends.

All proceeds go towards the Rize All Arts Center and Rize & Dance Afterschool programs.


What are my options?

We have a full page, half page, and quarter page options each for Ad space and Personal Message Space. Check them out here. 


Can I see a Sample?

Yes! Below are a few samples.


How do I buy?

You can email and you will receive a confirmation of what your space will look like and payment processing information!

You can also fill out a form in person at the Rize All Arts Center for processing.

***Form Due Nov 1 2020


Important Details:

Artwork and application are due three weeks before the show date to be included in the next Performance Program. You can submit artwork through email to


Artwork should be the dimension listed for the ad space size you are buying in the program. It should also be a .jpg or .png or .pdf file with 300 dpi resolution. Please contact us for any questions.



Personal Message Space for one show

Full Page: 5” x 8” $80, Half Page: 5” x 3.75” $50, Quarter Page: 2.25" x 3.75" $40

Add on digital: +$10

Ad Space for Businesses

Full Page: 5” x 8” $100, Half Page: 5” x 3.75” $75, Quarter Page: 2.25" x 3.75" $60

*Certain Sponsorship Packages include ad space in programs. Learn more here

Add on digital: +$30


When you get a Business Ad, you receive 25% back to your account! 

page 12.png

Examples of Full, Half, and Quarter Page

Sizing Dimensions


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