Safe Studio Process

What to expect 

**classes will be a mix of in studio and Zoom live!

In Studio Class!

We are re-opening with added safety for our faculty, dancers, and families.

    - All faculty will be wearing a face mask or face shield during class. Dancers are required to wear masks while inside and in class. We can take breaks for dancers to drink water and take a moment.

     - No one will be allowed in the lobby, except for 1 parent/guardian for dancers 4 years old and younger. Dancers are encouraged to wait in the car until 1-2 minutes before their class starts.

**Please note, Dancers are always encouraged to wear clean shoes to class that have not been worn outside or wipe the bottoms of shoes before coming in.

     - Dancers will line up calmly and distanced on a chalk or tape mark outside the studio and be walked in by their teacher to class. All dancers will hand sanitize and be assigned a marker for class that is 6 ft a part from others.

**Please note, Dancers will not be allowed to bring big bags into the studios. Please only bring a water labeled with your dancer's name and the necessary shoes for that class.

     - Class will end about 3-5 minutes early to allow dancers to hand sanitize, exit safely to wait outside for parent/guardian pickup, and allow our faculty to clean all floors and surfaces before the next class begins.


Please feel free to reach out to us for any questions via email or, starting June 8, via phone. Thank you so much for all your support and patience in this time, we cannot wait to see everyone rizing and dancing! 


Online At Home via Zoom!

Rize All is also inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting during your dancers class time to allow dancers to dance at home LIVE with their class or for families to watch their dancers during class since no one will be allowed in the lobby (except for 1 parent/guardian for dancers under 4 years old). 

Here is what to expect for online at home:

Before class: You will receive a link with the Zoom ID and password

1. Have enough room to carefully do some small or bigger dance movements

2. Set up the camera device that can see the whole or most of the dancer

3. Login with this email or another connected to Zoom 5 to 10 minutes before your scheduled class time and use this special link and password!

4. Have your dancer's name onscreen so we know who is dancing with us! If you are the parent/guardian just watching class, please make sure your name is on the screen. We will remove anyone not allowed in the class to ensure safety. 

5. Dance and have fun! Use the raise your hand feature to let the teacher know you have a question!

Please let us know if you have any questions! We will be on the email and can answer calls at the time of your class to make sure we get you in and dancing!

Thank you for dancing with Rize All!