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Our Donors

Safeway on Laguna in Elk Grove      Raleys on Elk Grove in Elk Grove

Bel Air on Laguna in Elk Grove      Regal Cinema on Truxel in Natomas

Starbucks on Exposition in Sacramento      Costco on Stockton in Sacramento

Our Ongoing Community Support, Thank You

Cynthia Bonta  Derek Ledda  Chris Mateo  Chandler Cooper  Choua Yang  Gayle McKnight 

Dave and Dinnah San Pedro  Lorrie and Dan Williams  Jason and Jennifer Magsuci  

Kathy and Glenn Newsum  Deidra San Pedro  Divino San Pedro  Leila Preiera  Zenny Yagen 

Ben and Jazz Newsum  Dreena Freeman  Laura Anderson  Mark Beard  Sheri Hoppner  Carrie Pearson

Ryan Rivac  Irene Rosales  Bobby G Roy  Glenn Newsum  Matthew Thao  Tasdeep Singh

Daisy and Simon Magsuci  Maranda Wirth  Miguel Armendariz   Josh Johnson   Sabrina Lopez

Trinity Wirth  David Phasavath   Faiza Safdar   Bryan Volpendesta   

Allie Braithwaite  Mai Xiong  Mona Fan  Gemma Coloma  Ashley Her  Jeannette Kim  Judy Yang

Angel Her  Alan Xiong  Jordan Riturban  Mary Mamitag  Mang Cha  Ariel Wright  Samuel Basilio 

Coco Huang  Brianna James  Anthony Wey  Page Yang  Edward Lu


Dancers from Harriet Eddy Middle School       Boogie Monstarz              Press P.L.A.Y. 

Vibe/Project Move from JFK High School       ROYAL Tribe from Johnson High School

FAM from McClatchy High School               Monsterz Inc from Luther Burbank High 

And all others who support Rize All and our mission to inspire the students of our community!

Come visit us!

2232 Longport Court, Ste 120/130

Elk Grove, CA


Mon 3:30 - 8:45pm

Tues 3:30 - 9:00pm

Wed 3:30 - 8:00pm

Thur 3:30 - 8:15pm

Fri check schedule

Sat - Sun Closed

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Thank you for donating to our Non Profit.  You are helping to build programs that enrich the community through dance, arts, and personal development, while giving young people the chance to have fun, gain confidence and become leaders.