Annual registration fee

For New Families:

$30 for one student


$50 for a family of two or more students

For returning families:

$20 for one student


$30 for a family of two or more students

Class Tuition pricing: 

   $38 for 30 min class each month

   $46 for 45 min class each month

   $52 for 60 min class each month

   $54 for 75 min class each month

Check specific classes for pricing, Prices above do not include discounts

We also have other Tuition options: 

    Drop in if space available:                                    

      - Drop in 30 min: $12                                                                            

      - Drop in 45 min: $14                                                                     

      - Drop in 60 min: $16

      - Drop in 75 min: $17

Online Tuition Pricing

     - $28 for PreLevel ages 2.5-4.5 

     - $35 for Level 1/2 ages 5+

     - $40 for Level 2/3 ages 8+

Private Class or Course Session: 

Private classes are for 1 to 2 students and set up directly with the Instructor. If you want to have recurring private lessons as a Course Session or if you would like to add more students to a class, you will need to get a direct quote from us. 

   For one 30 minute private class: $30

   For one 45 minute private class: $42

   For one 60 minute private class: $50

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There are many discounts and we will apply any that apply in the order below! Discounts do not apply to drop in classes. For any questions on how discounts are applied, please contact us. 

   -  Enrolling a student in 2 - 3 classes: 5% off each additional class

   -  Enrolling a student in 4+ class: 10% off each additional class

   -  Enrolling 2 students: 5% per student

   -  Enrolling 3+ students: 10% per student

   - Discount codes available, look out for different promotions on our social media!

Want to try a class out?

You can try a class free! Call ahead or come in to find out more!

Whether you are a new student or an existing student wanting to try something new!

Check out our packages below!


​​Mastery Course Packages 

​​The Mastery Course Packages cater to the specific need and theme to help students prepare to accomplish their goals in dance.

​​Classically Trained

Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop/Breaking, Tap

This series caters to the dancer who wants to know the classics

and have an overall knowledge in dance styles. 

​​Studio Star

Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Contemporary 

This series will help a dancer learn more about the styles that are

most popular in a studio setting and highlighted at competitive

conventions. caters to the dancer who wants to know the classics

and have an overall knowledge in dance styles. 

​​Industry Ready

Jazz, Hip Hop/Breaking, Contemporary, Ballet 

This series caters to those dancers who wants to be better

prepared for an industry dance career. 

​​Street Styles

Hip Hop/Breaking, Tap, Jazz, Martial Arts/Lightsaber

This series is for the dancer who wants to know street origin dance styles. 


Hula, Tap, Hip Hop/Breaking, Ballet

This series is for a dancer who wants to learn different cultures through the ways they dance. 

​​Rizing Star

Customized Dance Series 

This series is for a dancer who knows what dance styles they want to master to help them become a Rizing Star. 

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