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​​Why Choose Rize All?

Here are the Top 5 reasons

​​1. Professional, Skilled Instructors and Management

Rize All has professionally trained and skilled Instructors that have experience in their professional dance field and in the community we serve. We strive to have the best environment so our Instructors can focus on teaching and not other tasks. We have many top quality technological innovations and trainings for our faculty to give the best experience to all our students and families. 


​​2. Curriculum Based High Quality Instruction

Rize All has refined teaching curriculum to make it the best experience for the students to learn technique, body mechanics, and terminology all while having fun! With new technological advancements, students can grow through watching their peers and themselves in slow motion playback. Each student will take a new step each day towards mastering each dance style and you will be a part of the experience, as well.


​​3. Goal Setting and Performance Opportunities

Each student will create their own goals in class and learn how to achieve them. They will also receive skill updates each time they complete a new skill in class. Skills will not only be technique based, they will also be about self-development and confidence building. Individual choreography and freestyle in class along with performing in front of an audience builds confidence. We will have multiple opportunities to perform!


​​4. Diversity of Dance Forms

Rize All has many uniquely trained instructors to provide a more diverse set of dance forms. Each dance form is crafted to allow new dancers to learn basics easily and allow advanced dancers to find something new to master each class. 


​​5. For-Cause, 501(c)3 Nonprofit

Rize All is proudly a 501(c)3 Nonprofit designed to give back to the community through arts and the passion of the students' in the community. We will continue to foster a strong community through various events, self-growth opportunities, and more. We always find more ways to allow more students the opportunity to dance and perform especially in spaces they would have not otherwise had the opportunity for. 

Rize All Dance Premiere SHow
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