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 Rize All Arts Center Classes

All the Faculty here at Rize All have been so proud watching all the dancers continue to grow over the last 2 years. Classes have continued growing and we have added new classes such as contemporary for ages 5-7. 

This next year we are moving 1 mile up the street to 2232 Longport Ct Ste 120 to allow 4 dance studios to offer more classes and more class times. We are so excited for this opportunity for everyone so we can have smaller class sizes allowing instructors to focus on each student even more. Fall schedule is available June 28 with many more class times, find the class that is best for your dancer! August will have different "Try It" Weeks inviting all dancers to try different dance styles they are interested in, check back soon to learn more about each "Try It" Week!

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 Fundraisers for all!

Together we all raised $4506 for families to put towards tuition, costumes, and more. We did Popcorn fundraisers, See's Candy Fundraiser, BJ's restaurant Fundraiser, Leatherby's and more to join in. We were also able to give out $4100 in scholarships to families in need. 

We are so glad to continue fundraisers this year by doing some of the same successful fundraisers from last year and taking any input from families for great ideas they would love to try!

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Open House Ice Cream Social, 9/9/18

Our open house offered opportunities to learn more about our Arts Center, watch demonstrations in various dance styles including Hip-Hop Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, and more, register for classes, meet your instructors, and gear up for dance class with apparel vendors!


This year be ready for the biggest Open House yet with our Grand Re-Opening on Aug 2 as we invite everyone to come see the new studio, meet your instructors, gear up for the new year of dance, and so much more!

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Fortnite Off, 8/25/18

Hype, dab, or swipe your way into our Fortnite DANCE OFF!

We loved seeing gamers and dancers come together to show off their moves for friends and family to see in 3 friendly competitions!

This event was definitely legendary and may make another come back this year!

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May the Fourth Lightsaber, 5/4/19

Star Wars Day, May the Fourth, "strikes back" in the third annual celebration along with Big Day of Giving! We celebrated by offering a lightsaber training class based off actual martial arts and swordfighting techniques just like in the movies!

This event will return this next year, so bring your robes and lightsabers to learn the way of the jedi! May the Fourth be with you

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 "Heroes" and "2 Infinity and Beyond" Dance Recital!

"Heroes" had 2 performances on December 15 and "2 Infinity and Beyond" expanded into 3 performances on Friday May 17 6pm and Saturday May 18 2pm and 6pm at Cosumnes Oaks High School! Audience members were paraded through a fun filled night of dance performances in Ballet, Hip-Hop, Tap, Contemporary, Hula, and more!

This year we will continue having two performances with one in December and one in May. This year, classes and dances will be split into a Show A and a Show B allowing dances to expand further into larger performances and keeping the show at 2 hours. These will be different shows with different dancers, allowing each dancer to truly shine at their recital!

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Girl Scout Dance badge

We love having the opportunity to teach Group Scout troops so fun moves and have them perform it for the families to earn another badge!

If you are interested in having your troop earn their dance badge, learn more here!


Rizing Stars Team!

We are so proud of our Rizing Stars Competitive Performance Team! Many dancers received scholarships from their work ethic in convention classes and the pieces choreographed by the Directors of Rize All received awards, such as Best Overall Choreography, 1st Diamond, and more!

We are continuing this year with another team of amazing dancers and look forward to the year ahead attending 3 conventions/competitions! If you are interested for the following year, check back for more info on auditions happening in April 2020. 

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