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Psychic Entertainer

Join us for Clairvoyance, a psychic entertainment show that blends psychology and illusion to captivate audiences with feats of mind-reading and intuition.

In this intimate theatre style show you'll experience amazing demonstrations of mind reading, fortune telling, and other psychic phenomenon. 


Minds will be read, Futures predicted, and the audience's own intuition tested.


What is Mentalism?

Mentalism is an intriguing form of entertainment featuring powers of the mind and psychic phenomena. You’ll experience demonstrations of apparent mind-reading, clairvoyance, telepathy, and other psychic abilities. A Mentalism show often makes you wonder about the limits of human perception and the mysteries of the mind.

How long is the Mentalism show?

The show will last for approximately 50 minutes, filled with captivating and thought-provoking acts that will leave you amazed.

What is the age recommendation for this show?

Our Mentalism show is suitable for audiences aged 13 and above. The content and the complexity of the acts are tailored to engage teenagers and adults alike.

What should I wear to the Mentalism show?

We recommend dressing in above-casual attire. Feel free to dress smartly but comfortably.

Can I participate in the show?

Yes, audience participation is a key element of our show! Our Mentalist will select a few volunteers from the audience for certain acts. Don't worry; it's all in good fun and adds to the thrilling experience!

Are tickets refundable or exchangeable?

Please note that all ticket sales are final. However, in special circumstances, we may offer the option to exchange your tickets for another date, subject to availability.

Is there any special effect or strobe lighting used in the show?

Our show primarily focuses on mental feats and psychic demonstrations. We use minimal lighting or special effects, and there are no strobe lights or intense visual effects that might cause discomfort.

Is the venue accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes, our venue is fully accessible for people with disabilities. Please contact us in advance if you have any specific requirements or need assistance.

Can I record the show or take pictures?

Out of respect for the performer and to preserve the mystery for future audiences, we request that no recording or photography takes place during the show.

Is there an intermission during the show?

There is no intermission; the show runs for a continuous 50 minutes, ensuring an immersive experience from start to finish.


The Great Danedini has been amazing audiences with psychic feats and illusions for nearly 20 years.  With a degree in psychology and a background in theatre, he is sure to amaze any audiece.

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The Mentalist


Explore your fortune and the energies that surround us in this interactive psychic entertainment show. Become part of the show, have your future predicted, or even your mind read!  Need to impress an audience, a client, or inspire a crowd?  Danedini is perfect for nearly any occasion

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Available for corporate events, banquets, weddings, private parties and more!

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