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June 2024 Show

When: June 2

1pm dancers arrive 12:30pm

5pm dancers arrive 4:30pm

**all dancer do both shows!

Where: COHS PAC, 8350 Lotz Pkwy, Elk Grove, CA 95757


Tickets: Tickets will go on sale Saturday, Apr 13, at 11am online only. Assigned seating. 

No code needed and no limits! Tickets are assigned seating and everyone who will be in a seat will require a ticket. There is no standing during the performance allowed. Dancers will be in BOTH shows unless otherwise indicated on the performance form. This time, both shows will have all dances, they are not different shows. You do not have to watch both shows but anyone who does, will require a seat and needs a ticket as it is assigned seating. If you are chaperoning backstage for a show, you do NOT need a ticket for that show. The show should run about 90 minutes and have about an hour break between shows. Dancers will need to be picked up by a parent between shows and cannot wait backstage. 

Dress Rehearsal: There will be a Dress Rehearsal the 2 weeks before recital at Rize All.

**May 20 - May 30 will be dress rehearsal / group picture week at Rize All.** NOT regular class schedule 

Dancers must come in costume to this practice time: 

Dance 1 1950 5/20 5-6pm           Dance 2 1960 5/20 6-7pm

Dance 3 1970 5/21 5-6pm           Dance 4 1980 5/21 6-7pm

Dance 5 1990 5/22 5-6pm           Dance 6 2000 5/22 6-7pm

Dance 7 2010 5/23 5-6pm           Dance 8 2020 5/23 6-7pm

5/30 Dress Rehearsal Dance 9 Kid n Play / Me and My Mini 5-6pm, Make Up Pictures 6-7pm

Run Rehearsal not in costume

5/28 Dance 1 1950 5-5:30p, Dance 2 1960 5:30-6p, Dance 3 1970 6-6:30p, Dance 4 1980 6:30-7p

5/29 Dance 5 1990 5-5:30p, Dance 6 2000 5:30-6p, Dance 7 2010 6-6:30p, Dance 8 2020 6:30-7p

Pictures/Video: We will take group / individual pictures during Dress Rehearsal week May 20 - 30 shown on schedule above. We will have the video recording sent out by 2 weeks after the performance. 

Chaperone Volunteer: To help backstage you must complete the performance form by February 16. Thank you in advance for helping the dancers and faculty have a smoother experience backstage!

Accessibility: There are areas for accessible seating. For any other questions please contact the front desk. We always do our best to make all aspects of Rize All accessible to everyone. If possible, please let a Director know before the show date if there are any accommodations that need to be made, that way we can make the best arrangements possible.

Costumes and Costs shown by January 15

how to perform

How to Perform

Step 1: Sign up for class by the cutoff date (Feb 16 for June)

Step 2: Fill out this form by Feb 16 for June.

Step 3: Purchase costumes for the classes the dancer will perform in by Feb 16 for June. No exceptions. 

Step 4: Come to class to learn the dance

Step 5: Look out for ticket sales beginning 4-6 weeks before recital date (April 13 for June)

Step 6: The week(s) before recital will be Dress Rehearsal / Picture Week. Dancers must come in costume to the schedule listed. We will NOT have regularly scheduled classes, only performance prep. 


You're done! Ready to perform!!



May/June Show

Purchase by: February 16

Receive in: April or May

Costume Packages will include dancers costume + finale shirt + recording of the show!

Costumes are dance costumes per class announced January 15 (costumes may change depending on availability when ordering). Dancers also need tights, shoes, and other items needed to perform. 



Backstage dancers are ONLY allowed to bring one garment bag and one small duffel. Everything must be labeled with the dancers full name. One labeled small water is allowed but no other food/drinks are allowed. Dancers will be backstage no longer than 90 minutes. 

All dancers must arrive in their first uniform/costume with hair and make up all done by their specific arrival time to be checked in and ready to go. If dancers are in more than one dance, they must wear a camisole leotard under for quick changes backstage. 

Costumes Shown: June 2024 


Program Ad / Shout-out

What am I buying?

As a Business you are buying an ad space to let families and the community know about you.
As a family/friend you are buying space for a Dancer Shout-
out / memento for dancers in the show.

What is included?

You get a space in the program we hand out with all other performance fun!

Why should I buy?

Businesses get more exposure for their business to our community.
For Dancer Shout-out, the program becomes a great memento of this show that can even be signed by their friends.

What are my options?

We have a full page, half page, and quarter page options each for Ad space and Personal Message Space. 

Can I see a Sample?

Yes! Below are a few samples.

How do I buy?

Complete this form here and payment by the date stated.


Important Details:
Artwork should be the dimension listed for the ad space size you are buying in the program. It should also be a .jpg or .png or .pdf file with 300 dpi resolution. Please contact us for any questions.



Dancer Shout-out:
Full Page: 5” x 8” $80

Half Page: 5” x 3.75” $50

Quarter Page: 2.25" x 3.75" $30

Business Ad:

Full Page: 5” x 8” $100

Half Page: 5” x 3.75” $75

Quarter Page: 2.25" x 3.75" $50


When you get a Business Ad, you receive 25% back to your account!

After Show Gift

Pre Order fun gifts or purchase cash only there!


What will my dancer do backstage?

We will have coloring and other activities backstage. The show will be no longer than 90 minutes total. 


What if my dancer needs to use the restroom?

There are restrooms backstage for all dancers to use. For dancers who need assistance using the restroom, we will make an announcement between dances for the parent to come assist. 


Can my dancer leave early?

We will not have any checking in or out during the show. Check in will only happen before the show and check out will happen at the end of the show. The show run time will be about 90 minutes including the 10 minute intermission. 


Do dancers wear makeup for show time?

Some dancers do wear makeup to perform onstage. Even a little mascara, blush and lipstick to showcase their facial features a little more under the bright lights. 


How do I check my dancers in / out?

You will bring your dancer to one of our two check in points, separated by last names beginning with A - L and M - Z. When you check them in, you will sign your name and be given a lanyard with your dancers name, picture, Zone, and other info. Once the show is finished, you will return to the same check out area with the lanyard. You will give the lanyard to a faculty or volunteer who will then bring your dancer to you. **If you have multiple dancers with different last names putting them in different lines, we will have all dancers in A-L


Are there any special mementos or gifts for dancers?

There are a few options. 

1. We have our program / playbill that can showcase dancer shout outs / business ads. $80 full page, $50 half page, $40 quarter page. Once purchased, send in any pictures / messages to include by the deadline.

2. We will sell real flowers and plush flowers (and other fun goods!) at the venue for cash only. Some you can preorder ahead of time. 


If I volunteer backstage, can I watch my dancer perform?

Yes you can! You can watch from the audience front or side stage.


If my dancer is performing in both shows, do I need to check them out and back in?

Yes! The show run time will be no more than 90 minutes leaving about 90 minutes between check out and check back in time. They also need to be changed into the costume they will wear for the next show.  


Will there be tickets for sale at the show?

Yes but they will be cash only. 

My dancer needs to change costumes backstage, where will they and can I help them?

All quick change dancers will be assigned to a rack for their costume bag / changing tent in the backstage area. They MUST wear a nude camisole/leotard under for changing. We also recommend layering tights. ex. they have ballet 1st then jazz so they have tan tights on with pink tights over. Now they only need to remove the pink to be ready for the next dance! A faculty member will be assigned to the dancers to help them change. 

What does my dancer need on the day of the show?

Day of Show Dancer checklist: **extra notes if in multiple dances

  • costume **other costumes in hanging costume bag

  • all accessories **others in labeled baggie

  • tights (pink for ballet, tan for jazz)

  • shoes (pink for ballet, tan for jazz, black athletic for hiphop, barefoot for contemporary, black for tap)   **other shoes in small duffle with everything labeled with dancers full name

  • small water bottle labeled with dancers full name

  • please do NOT bring any jackets, extra shoes, activities, snacks, etc backstage. We will have some activities backstage BUT overall this show will move more quickly and dancers will not be waiting around long

  • **extra hair accessories for hair changes


When do Chaperones need to arrive?

We really appreciate any help backstage to make the show run smoothly and give everyone a better show time experience! Chaperone Show 1pm arrive 12pm. Chaperone Show 5pm arrive 4pm. 


Will there be Pictures / Video of the dancers and show?

For our May/June show, we will have picture time to purchase. We will also take video of the recital and send out within 2 weeks after recital, once we have edited and ready to go. 


When will my dancer receive their costume / Finale shirt?

Costumes will arrive and be handed out in class in April/May. You will receive an email the week they are handed out. Finale shirts will be handed out at the recital. When your dancer gets to their zone, their shirt should be waiting there with the Chaperone to help put on for Finale. 

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