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2024 - 2025 Schedule
We will begin enrolling for our 2024 - 2025 year beginning June 10! You can create an account, sign up for a trial or secure your spot in your favorite class! Enrollment ends March 1

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dance style

Dance Styles

Ballet is a classic Italian Renaissance style that creates a base for a dancer to grow their foundation dance training and technique​. Ballet may be performed to classical music or a more lyrical current music.

Pointe is for more advanced dancers expanding their ballet technique onto classical Pointe work. Dancers must be evaluated before advancing.

In Hip-Hop class you will learn Popping, Locking, Breaking, and Industry Hip-Hop styles. All high energy, upbeat styles including various movements, dynamics, and ground work performed to current and old school music. 

Contemporary uses classical ballet technique along with elements of jazz and modern to express emotions through free flowing movement to more current music. 


Jazz is a fun and energetic dance style that balances grace and fluid movement with dynamics footwork, big leaps, and quick turns. 


Tap is a classic street style utilizing foot movements that strike the floor as a form of percussion. Tap shoes enhance the sounds as we make rhythms to the music! 

NEW Me and My Mini is a Parent and Mini dancer collaborative dance and movements class to explore together. For ages 18+ and up to 2.5 years.



Annual Registration 30 per dancer

1 class per month       64

2 class per month      122 - 10% off

3 class per month      176 - 15% off

4 class per month      227 - 20% off

5 class per month      275 - 25% off

6 class per month      320 - 30% off

7 class per month      362 - 35% off

8+ class per month    400 - 40+% off

Discount for each additl dancer   10

Discount 5% pay for year

Drop In class rate    20

1 private class     45

2 private class     86

3 private class    124

4 private class    160

dress code

Dress Code

Ballet/Pointe: Ballet Pink tights, Leotard, Ballet Pink Shoes, Hair in Neat Bun with all hairs out of face, may wear class skirt/fitted shorts/fitted jacket

Jazz/Contemporary/Other: hair in bun/ponytail as specified by Instructor with all hairs out of face, fitted pants/shorts, fitted shirt/jacket/leotard, barefoot preferred or for Jazz: Tan Jazz shoes for female, Black Jazz shoes for male


Hip-Hop/Tap/Other: hair in ponytail with all hairs out of face (unless otherwise specified by Instructor), athletic pants/shorts, fitted shirt/jacket, clean athletic shoes for Hip Hop and Black Tap Shoes

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