Rize All Dance Company Mission

The Rize All Company’s purpose is to allow further opportunity to dancers looking to expand their dance knowledge in greater and professional experiences. Dancers will have more intensive training still in a positive environment, more hands on instruction to help nurture them more specifically, and have more opportunities to perform dance as an art. NO dancers will be turned away, all dancers will be placed in a dance. 

What are my dancer’s options?

Company Age Groups (these are averages, each competition may have different age groups, ages as of January 2022):

    Petit: ages 5-7 years

    Mini: ages 8-10 years

    Junior: ages 11-12 years

    Teen: ages 13-16 years

    Senior: 16-18 years

    Pros: 18+ years

Company Styles will be the styles we teach at the studio, dancers will be required to take the technique class and company class, as well as possibly other technique classes complementing the style. 



    Jazz/Musical Theater



Actual groups and solos will be announced no later than two days after auditions. Here are the options:

    Solo (1 dancer)

    Duo/Trio (2-3 dancers)

    Group (4-9 dancers)

    Line (10-15 dancers)

    Large Group (16-20 dancers)

    Production (21+ dancers)


What is a dance convention/competition? (click below to learn more!)

A Convention is where multiple professional choreographers host master classes for aspiring dancers from all over. Dancers also have opportunities for different scholarships, internships, and more.

A Competition is a part of the Convention where dancers can perform dance pieces they have been rehearsing with their Studio to showcase to the professional choreographers who are judging. They then score and critique each piece for placement and other opportunities. 

This is a great environment for gaining more skills through teamwork, performance and is an amazing source of technique building in dance. 





My dancer is ready! Now what do I do?


Step 1. Look over all out policies and information and send us any questions you have.
Step 2. Fill out the Audition Form before the audition deadline. 
Step 3. Audition! NO dancers will be eliminated. This audition is for placement in a piece or pieces only and then you can decide your commitment level. 
Step 4. Check your email 2 days after auditions for all placements. Contact us for any questions.
Step 5. Bring in your Acceptance Letter and Contract by the Company Final meeting date and register for classes!
Step 6. Start rehearsals and classes in Summer and have a great year!


Audition Schedule 2021-22


This year we will be doing virtual auditions and in person auditions! Here's what to do by June 4:

1. Come learn the dances early on the week of auditions! Your dancer can learn for the age level below or above them to showcase their dance level

- ages 5-7 Tuesday June 1 5:30-6:30pm

- ages 8-12 Wednesday June 2 4-5pm

- ages 13-19 Monday May 31 7:15-8:15pm 

You can also watch and learn the 2 combos for your age level the Hip-Hop and Jazz (5-7 ages or 8-12 ages) or Hip-Hop and Contemporary (13-19 ages) audition combo video here. 

You can also come the day of auditions to learn the combos. 

2. Fill out the Audition Form for each Dancer auditioning here. This is where you will specify your preference for what dance styles, how many dances, and if you are interested in solo/duo/trio. 

3. Audition! 

In Person Auditions

Come in person June 4 7-8pm to learn the dances and perform in small groups for the faculty. This will give your dancer more experience auditioning! 

Virtual Auditions

Send their videos through their Google Classroom or email them to rizingstars@rizeall.com

4. On June 4, you will receive a confirmation email from us letting you know we received your videos and form. If you do not receive this email, please reach to us on June 5 so we can ensure we have everything

5. On June 6, you will receive the placement list for which dances dancers are placed in. Please note, we do not eliminate dancers. All dancers auditioning will be placed in the Production Piece that all Company members will be in.

6. On June 16, we will have our first meeting in person at 7:30pm!


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