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Comp Booklet

Click here for all info '24-'25!

Auditions for '24 - '25  - May 17 2024, 5-7:30pm

Info night May 14 6:30-7pm

Here's what to do before, on and after audition day:

Before Auditions:

1. Complete this form completely before auditions day.


2. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us and/or attend an info night listed above. 

Day of Auditions:

1. Come between 4:30-4:45pm to get checked in and warmed up. We will confirm your audition form information at this time. Auditions will begin at 5pm and be done between 6:30-7pm. 

2. Your dancer will audition with the age group they will be as of January 1 2025. 

- ages 6-8 Phoenix Room 5-6:30 

- ages 9-12 Alicorn Room 5-6:30 

- ages 13-19 Dragon Room 5-6:30

- all ages Solo Audition Dragon Room 6:30 - 7pm

All Dancers will learn audition combos the day of auditions Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporary and Freestyle where they can showcase their own moves in any style. 

After Auditions:

1. By May 24, you will receive an email for the placement list for which dances dancers are placed in and a price breakdown estimate for the year. Please note, we can always meet to discuss placement to address any and questions / concerns. 

2. On May 31, we will have our first meeting in person at 6-7pm to go over all details briefly for the year. This is mandatory for the dancer and all main parent/guardians to attend.


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