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Rize All

Rize All is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization with a vision to inspire a community of skilled, multi-talented individuals who are able to adapt and succeed in our ever-changing world through their artistic passions. Our goal is to enrich students with experiences that will positively affect their current and future lives while offering much needed afterschool enrichment and enhancing the community. We've been accomplishing our goals primarily through our Rize & Dance Afterschool Arts Program that has provided high quality dance instruction in multiple after school programs to more than 1000 students across the Sacramento area.

The Rizing Stars Competitive Dance Team

The Rizing Stars Team is a wonderful opportunity for your child to grow as a dancer and form friendships that can last forever. This team is for the dancer that is serious about their dance career. They will work more intensively on their performance technique and overall athletic ability. It is an opportunity for dancers to compete at dance competitions and attend conventions led by professional choreographers.

The Rize All Difference

Rize All focuses on personal development as well as dance technique and training. Dancers will gain goal setting, leadership, and other personal characteristics to apply to dance and their lives. We aim to build not only amazing dancers, but great members of our community. We hope that every student that walks out of our studio is more prepared to succeed in life through their passions, and in turn positively affect the community themselves. 

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​​Our Vision

Inspiring a community of skilled, multi-talented students who are able to adapt and succeed in our ever-changing world through their artistic passions. 

​Our Mission

Rize All’s purpose is to promote a more skilled, knowledgeable community of individuals through the teachings of arts and culture involving interactive programs that offer the following: 

  • Training: mastering mental and physical disciplines with engaging and entertaining activities in performing art forms and other skills sets

  • Teamwork: developing skills and values that encourage success through collaboration with others utilizing and growing their creativity

  • Appreciation: inspiring a community for the arts and philanthropy through movement and culture

  • Understanding: cultivating a positive environment that allows students to individually master techniques in language and movement

  • Opportunity: providing means for leadership and performance to showcase all the skills they have gained

Meet the Faculty

Dane NewSan


Dance Instructor)

Amanda NewSan


Dance Instructor)

Mona Fan

(Lead Dance Instructor)

Julia Singletary

(Lead Dance Instructor)

Emma Storey

(Dance Instructor)

Averi Moore

(Dance Instructor)

Jill Akkaya

(Dance Instructor)

Easton Moore

(Dance Instructor)


Kelsi Ryan

(Associate Front Desk)

Joan Pasion

(Dance Instructor)

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