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Mission Statement

Rize & Dance is dedicated to providing fun, safe, age-appropriate recreation enrichment programs which encourage social development; provides diverse experiences; promotes health and wellness; and allows for students to participate in positive after school activity related to the movement arts. Students who participate in our program will be in a safe, nurturing environment where there are opportunities to develop skill and appreciation in performing arts, gain values that encourage success through collaboration, and reinforce learning from school, teach movement arts, social skills, and encourage good citizenship.

Program Description

Our Rize & Dance Afterschool Program offers curriculum based dance instruction in Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, and Break Dancing.  Alongside dance enrichment, students work on goal setting, confidence building, performance, and more. Our program is unique in that it addresses curriculum and point of service standards in Afterschool Expanded Learning and California State School Standards through while teaching dance technique and self development. 

​​Class Style Description

​​All our classes are curriculum based on CA State Standards in Dance, PE, and Afterschool quality to teach style technique, choreography, freestyle, and more! They all have age appropriate, fun music for the whole family to enjoy!

​​Hip Hop/Breaking

Breaking or bboying, also called breakdancing, is an acrobatic style of dancing originating in the 1970's wiith multicultural influences often performed to funk and hip hop songs or "breakbeats". Our Hip Hop class combines elements of breaking, locking, and popping to form choreography and freestyles with percussive and sustained movements that express music through movement.


Ballet is a classical dance style originating in Renaissance Italy utilizing precise, graceful movements. Jazz uses rhythms and technique to generally more upbeat music. Our class is structured to teach Ballet technique and choreography and then move into Jazz combinations and seeing the similarities and differences all while having fun moving to various music. 

Request Rize & Dance for your Students:


We offer a variety of our programs all over Sacramento County in Afterschool programs, Charter programs, GATE programs, Home School programs, VAPA programs, during school PE programs, and more! Please let us know if you want to have Rize & Dance with your students, we will send a packet with more information and pricing (about $2 or less per student) ! We will also customize a program just for your students needs!

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